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Jim is super dedicated, super knowledgeable, and right at the top of his profession. Greg NormanPGA Hall of Fame. Two time British Open Champion. Number #1 ranked player in the world for multiple years.

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From the golf school blog...

Ben Doyle, The Golf Machine Blog

30 Sep 2015
I took lessons from Ben Doyle in the early 1970’s and I learned a lot about The Golf Machine. It’s amazing how many young teachers are still using that book and that precise terminology that was written 50+ years ago. Most of them think it’s “all new, cutting edge information”. Actually the terminology and odd […]

Scissors Blog

17 Sep 2015
I wrote an article on this analogy decades ago that deserves an update. It’s about how a golf ball flys off the face of the club just as the club shaft diverges on a plane far left of the ball in flight (right handed golfer). I was mesmerized by the amazing view the video camera […]

Sam Snead Blog

11 Sep 2015
There was Babe Ruth in baseball who did the unthinkable. He was so much better than anyone else that comparisons were not on the table. When Ruth hit 59 homes runs the second best was less than half that number. He hit a baseball like nobody had ever imagined. He hit 60 the next year. […]
Our locations

Trump National Doral

The JMGS world headquarters is located at the newly renovated Trump National Doral. This location is home to the most amazing SuperStation, offering the latest in golf technologies such as BodiTrak & Trackman, and is definitely a “must visit” destination.

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Jim McLean Golf Center - Texas

This location is the only facility owned by Jim McLean. It’s a standalone golf center with a practice course designed by Tom Fazzio and his design team. With its fully lighted grass range, the 14,000 square feet are easy to enjoy anytime.

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Miami Beach Golf Club

This golf school is located in the heart of South Beach. Perfect for anyone living in the area, or just visiting.

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Liberty National

Liberty National is the site of the 2007 President’s Club and the Barkley’s Championship. This location offers one of the most spectacular views of New York City and is the Top Range practice facility and SuperStation in the North East.

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Red Ledges

This is a Jack Nicholas signature golf course with a huge practice range and is ranked #1 golf course in the state of Utah.

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This is the #1 ranked golf course in Cancun and is the site for “PGA tour OHL Classic”. Surrounded by 3 magnificent hotels, its views are amazing.

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Casa De Campo

Jim rates “The Teeth of the Dog” as one of the greatest Top 10 golf courses in the world. Located on a spectacular resort with unparalleled views of the Caribbean.

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Golf Santander

This JMGS is located at the fabulous Banco Santander Campus. With over 6,500 people who come through the gates every day, is definitely an amazing golf course to visit.

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