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Golf BioDynamics

BioDynamics provides expert interpretative biomechanical reporting on body motions during the golf swing. That is, real-time position and orientation of parts of the body (e.g., head, shoulders, arms, hips, club etc.) are recorded as the golfer swings the club – all in 3Dimensions!. This System is coupled with a 'BioFeedback Training’ capability, a process that has been proven to speed up the learning of new or changing of ingrained motor patterns. It is this biofeedback feature of the GBD System that golfers gain the most benefit from in such a short period of time. Taking video analysis a step further by adding a 3rd dimension!

The benefits of a 3D golf analysis system:
• Real-time 3D graphical image (single or multiple images) as you swing
• No lost information
• Quantitative data are available immediately, this data cannot be measured using video methods.
• BioFeedback Training – real- time feedback on whether desired swing positions are achieved
• The ability to view the same swing from any angle front, behind, above, below and both sides
• The information be readily combined with other data
• Compare swings at different points in time
• Compare your own swing measurements with a professional golfer database and a realistic model

Here are a few ways that we see BioDynamics assisting in teaching:
Measurement tool: a quantitative record of how a player is swinging at any point in time – “Know what you are doing now – exactly!” (Jim McLean) Assess don’t guess! We need a starting point.
• The GBD measurement system is accurate to within 1 degree of rotation and 1/25th inch (1mm)
• The GBD Report provides detailed information on body positions, body speeds & timing sequences
• A short one-page report is ideal for larger groups and provides a snapshot of a few important parameters
• The 3D analysis is ideal to use at the beginning of a series of lessons or a Golf School
• The 3D System is a great monitoring tool for elite players and amateurs alike
• It is also an important monitoring tool for developing junior players.

Physical capabilities/limitations Assesment: in a dynamic situation, that is, as in swinging a golf club. Are there any physical limitations restricting technical improvement that I need to be aware of as their coach?
• Core stability indicators are monitored during the backswing, impact and follow-through.
• Range of Motion indicators highlight areas of inflexibility - especially trunk rotation. This kind of information is awesome for your Trainer as well when it comes to golf specific exercise prescription.

BioFeedback Training tool: The 3D System provides instantaneous audio information to the student/golfer on club and body position throughout the swing in order to speed up technique change.

While the GBD Report provides recommendations for BioFeedback Training parameters, only one parameter at a time is chosen to work on at a time (over 20 different choices are available). We all know how problematic too many swing thoughts can be!

The instructor or swing coach then has the ability to set the positions or ranges he believes are realistic for the golfer. The 3D System provides an audio feedback signal when the player either conforms or fails to fit such postures or ranges. It could be as simple as working on shoulder alignment at address, more coil on the backswing or a better impact position. The end result is that the golfer is able to develop the all important “feel” associated with the change in technique. So it is the development of this new “feel”, that allows the golfer to head back to the range and not immediately regress to the familiar pattern of movement.

It is a great teaching tool for low or high handicappers, even elite touring players when changes in technique need only be subtle ones. We/I have found that multiple BioFeedback sessions combined with lessons with a teaching professional are recommended for optimal results. Obviously it takes more than one lesson to develop great technique!

The complimentary aspect to the GBD biomechanical assessment is a basic physical screening. There will be certain movements your body will perform easily and not so easily depending on your physical capabilities – your posture, flexibility, control of movement, strength and power. This aspect of a golfers make-up cannot be ignored by the Teaching Professional.


“The Golf BioDynamics system is groundbreaking and brings the fine tuning of golf to an entirely new level. What Dr. Neal and Karen bring to our golf school is unparalleled in quality of information and depth of detail. Having them is such an asset for a player who is serious about improving - no matter what their skill level”
Trillium Sellers, Instructor Jim McLean Golf Schools & Sleepy Hollow Country Club NY

“I started working with GBD this winter – coaching the Boys National Team for Germany. You can’t find a better way to analyse how well your body works during the golf swing and whether or not you have muscular deficits that are influencing technique. A perfect analyzing 3D System paired with two excellent teachers working at the highest level”
Uli Eckhardt, German National Coach Boys Team

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