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McLean's Top Junior Golfers
College Players High School Golf

Cristie Kerr (as Collegiate Golfer) PGA Tour
Erik Compton (as Collegiate Player) PGA Tour
Webb Simpson- PGA Tour
Derek Fathauer- PGA Tour
Jon McLean- Canadian PGA Tour
Johnny Partridge- 2nd year at Colorado University
Mike Buttacovoli- 2nd Place Univ. of Pacific Stockton Tournament
Steve Dartnell- 2nd at the Australian Open
Dustin Zhang- Partial Scholarship to Notre Dame
Ross Guebell- Partial Scholarship
Sam Kloenne- University of Portland
Jake Wagner- University of Portland
Avery Collura- University of Portland
Jack Wesche- University of British Columbia
Amanda Jacobs- University of Idaho
Taylor Babcock- 4yr to University of Miami
Amy Beth- 4yr to UC Davis
Hans Reimers- 4yr to University of Portland
AJ Broderick - Johnson and Wales University
Tyler Dubay- committed to Oral Roberts University
Sinae Montoya- committed to Lubbock Christian University
Melanie White- committed to Baylor University

Alexis Thompson- 2008 US Junior Girls Nat'l Champion
2009 WSGA Southern Amateur Champion
T-22 2009 US Women's Open, 2010 LPGA
Curtis Thompson- 2009 AJGA Laredo Traditions Champion
Nicole Zhang-10 offers to colleges, 16 years old
Christopher Ingham- All Dade-Team, 2008 AJGA All-Star Champion
Daniel Berger- AJGA, High School District & Regional Champ
Caroline Herald- All-Dade Team
Marcelo Huarte-AJGA- FCWT

Andrew Wong- AJGA, High School District & Regional Champ
Cesar Rodriguez - Dominican National Team

Ramon Brenes - Dominican National Team

Diego Schiffino - Dominican National Team
Carson Kallis- Canadian Junior Boys Order of Merit
Omri Gildor- AJGA
Bobby Moyer- AJGA
Cameron Ortega- AJGA
Brandon Smith- AJGA
Juhee Lee- Oregon Golf Association Junior Winner
Chan Lee- Oregon Golf Association Junior Winner
Hannah Swanson- Oregon Golf Association Junior Winner
Sharon Shin- Oregon Golf Association Junior Winner
Tess Jennings- OGA Jr. Player
Thomas Aarond- OGA Jr. Player
Garret Wissbaum- AJGA

Max Zucker - American Heritage

Andrew Holtz – American Heritage

Matthew Hanzman – Ransom Everglades

Nicolas Cavero (15): Won the Venezuelan Jr. National
3rd 2009 FWCT at Doral

Luis Cedeno (16):
Represent Venezuela at the Jr. South American Tournament
Mariah Montoya- #8 in Texas- Girls
Mercedes Rios- top 20 girl for class of 2010 in Texas
Taylor Mihok-#1 ranked player for class of 2012 in Texas
Casey Matthews- First Team All DADE
Diego Tamayo- Publix Junior Champion / multiple FCWT Champion
Victoria Trapani- First Team ALL Broward County
CJ Pellerano- First Team ALL Broward County / District HS Champion
James Field- Scholarship to Furman University
Braden List- Scholarship to Tulane University
Wes Hitchcock- Florida State HS Champion / Scholarship to Tulane
Greg Huxman- US Amateur / Scholarship to Miss State University
Chris Gilliland- US Amateur Contestant / Scholarship to Furman
Jason Burstyn- First Team ALL Dade/ Scholarship to Univ. of Colorado
Jamie Freedman- US Kids Tournament Champion
Roberto Marchado- Second Team ALL Dade
Ryan Booth- First Team ALL Dade / Scholarship to Anderson College
Bob Camp- Golf Scholarship to Williams College in Massachusetts
Hunter DeCamp- 2nd Team ALL Dade
Robert Machado- 2nd Team ALL Dade
Joe Pozza- Honorable Mention ALL Dade

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