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Private Instruction for Juniors

Private Instruction Information:
We can accommodate 1-3 students per instructor
Video Swing Analysis / Improvement Plan
Golf Biodynamics, Trackman, and Club Fittings are optional for an extra fee 

Also Offering A Four Day Junior Performance Package

Junior Private Instruction Rates Per Hour:

One Student Private Instruction:
Lead Master Instructor: $188
Master Instructor: $152
Instructor: $120

Two Student Private Instruction:
Lead Master Instructor: $304
Master Instructor: $248
Instructor: $196

Three Student Private Instruction
Lead Master Instructor: $412
Master Instructor: $332
Instructor: $268

Attended the Jim McLean Golf School as Juniors:
Cristie Kerr -- 2007 Women’s U.S. Open Champion
Alexis Thompson -- 2008 USGA Junior Girls National Champion
Erik Compton-- PGA Tour Player
Derek Fathauer-- PGA Tour Player
Webb Simpson-- PGA Tour Player

For Chris Toulson:

"I think Chris Toulson is the perfect teacher to work with talented junior golfers. In my opinion, his teaching and guidance was instrumental in my son's development from a talented junior golfer to a recruited scholarship athlete at a top division I golf program. I would recommend Chris Toulson to any serious junior golfer who is willing to work hard and who wants to play collegiate golf."

-- Jason Burstein
For Julio Nutt:

"Thanks again for the excellent lesson the other day (best I've ever had). The changes still feel very strange and I imagine that they will feel strange for quite some time, however, I am striking the ball MUCH better. The sound is completely different. The ball trajectory is lower. I am much more accurate and most surprisingly I am hitting the ball further with much less stress and effort. Thanks!"

-- Geoff Cowan 
For Trillium Sellers:

"Trillium has been a major asset in my continuing quest for a consistent golf swing. Keenly observant, Trill is able to identify the part of my golf swing that is causing me trouble. And perhaps of greater importance, she is able to patiently communicate how to fix the broken parts. Over the years, Trillium has helped to build not only my golf swing but also my confidence. When I stand over the ball, I know that I will be able to make the shot I have in mind."

-- Kathy Johnston

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