Golf BioDynamics

Improve your golf swing with golf BioDynamics (biomechanical reporting) 

Golf BioDynamics
Available year round at Doral

Golf BioDynamics (GBD) provides a service to the golf industry, acting as an expert consultant to the Teaching Professional. Using the latest equipment, GBD provides expert biomechanical reporting on body motions during the golf swing. That is, real-time position and orientation of parts of the body (i.e., head, shoulders, arms, hips, club etc.) are recorded as the golfer swings the club – all in 3 Dimensions!

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Rates and Prices of BioDynamics Golf School 

Golf BioDynamics
Rates Information

BioDynamics Private Instruction:
Analysis & Full Report $215/hr 
BioFeedback Training $160/hr
Upgrade Your 3-HourSession
with GBD
Golf Professional's Tune-Up $300
Week-Long Training For Juniors-
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Annual Training For Juniors-
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Leading Experts including Dr Neal - expert in golf biomechanics 

Golf BioDynamics
One Day Experience

Spend the day with one of the world's experts in golf biomechanics! Dr. Neal will cast an expert eye over your game. Using video and 3-Dimensional technology, Dr. Neal will examine your long game, pitching techniques, and putting.

3D & Video Analysis
Trackman Launch Monitor Testing
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Lunch at Doral Resort
BioFeedback Training
Physical Training Advice
Game Improvement Plan
Structured practice routine