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Lexi Thompson win's her first Major Championship! Ryan
A huge CONGRATULATIONS to one of my favorite students Alexis Thompson on her first Major Victory winning the Kraft Nabisco Championship!

Point the Club at The Ground Ryan
Tired of picking up extra strokes around the green? Chipping is an area where a lot of golfers struggle. Don't worry, you're not alone. Check out this great article written by one of my Master Instructors, Joe Compitello.

No More 3 Putts! Ryan
Golf is a mysterious game as anyone who has played it can tell you. The golf god works in mysterious ways, but one thing is certain: When he wanted to share his secrets on putting, he had a direct line with Jackie Burke. Burke’s ideas have shaped my own theories on putting, he has no equal in this area. Jack Nicklaus credits Burke with giving him his entire putting concept. Ben Crenshaw, whose name is synonymous with good putting, says Burke’s advice was instrumental in his progress on the greens.

Staying Connected Throughout The Swing Ryan
If your game is in a slump, a drill to help you stay more connected through the swing could be just what you need. Master Instructor Adam Kolloff from my school at Liberty National has just the drill to help demonstrate how to improve rotation and engage the bigger muscles.

World's Toughest Par 3 Ryan
I've played some of the best and hardest tracks out there and let me say, you can't argue with this one. Hat's off to Pádraig Harrington, the eight players who have birdied and 96 others that made par. Impressive!