Article Detail hear novice golfers and amateur teachers grinding on Swing Path as if swinging "inside out" will give them the strong draw they desire.  THESE TEACHERS ARE...WRONG!!!!

Anybody can change their swing path in 5 minutes.  Any teacher in the world can get this done. But golfers don't do it when they get on the course.  Why? Because controlling club face is an entirely different animal.

Do you know why golfers don't change club path on the course? It is because they don't understand and cannot control the club face. When you have a club face that is open, the golfer will always correct this by swinging over the top, or left.  Simple.

The open club face comes from numerous faults such as a weak grip, too much tension in the hands, rolling the face open in the backswing, cupping the left wrist, etc. This results in starting down with the shoulders and the infamous "outside in swing". A face that is open to the swing path will always slice the ball. That's swing theory 101.  An inside out swing with a club face that is just slightly more open than the path will hit the ball right every time (For a right hander). So if the golfer has any brain matter at all, he will aim left, put the ball more forward in his stance, and swing left so as to keep the ball on the golf course.

Of course he will slice forever with this concept.

The first thing he must understand is club face alignment. The face has to be closed to whatever path he swings on in order to draw or hook the ball. Controlling the club face is a high level achievement. Only the better golfer will get this done most of the time. The stroke pattern you employ depends largely on your ability to square the club face.  A square club face that is square to your target, plus with a slight inside plane line, will produce a draw (assuming center contact)...a big assumption, by the way!

The inside plane line can be described as an inside attack track or simply an inside path.
Wake up and smell the coffee.

Once you learn club face control it is much easier to adjust to the inside attack track plane. The golfer must educate his hands to first control the club face and club head. Two separate items.

Face first!!


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