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The 18 Keys to Success E-Book

The 18 Keys to Success E-Book

Jim McLean, owner of 11 golf schools, a head golf professional at the most prestigious golf clubs in America, and THE most successful teaching and club professional in the golf business reveals:  “How to Be an Extremely Successful Club and Teaching Golf Professional.”

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What You’ll Learn Will Change Your View of the Golf Business

The 18 Keys to Success and Profit for the Teaching and Club Professional is 297 pages of information I provide specifically for the ambitious club and teaching professional. You’ll discover how to:



  • Market yourself. Page 202
  • Use the business model I use to generate revenue. Page 122
  • Get into other areas of the golf business. Page 254.
  • Find and hire awesome associates who help you generate revenue and stay with your school or club. Page 17.
  • Get your time organized. Page 216.
  • Get free publicity. Page 187.
  • Find new students. Page 46.
  • Keep improving. Page 215.
  • Teach effectively so students improve and come back. Page 94.
  • Get associates and employees striving for excellence consistently. Page 99.
  • Provide the highest level of customer service. Page 122.
  • Build and maintain a strong business foundation. Page 54.
  • Get leverage in negotiations. Page 176.
  • Use technology. Page 225.
  • Create a personal brand. Page 235.
  • Decide whether it’s a good idea to move to a new club or different part of the country. Page 213.

After following the system, you’ll be able to…


  • Increase your lesson rates.
  • Get associates and employees striving for excellence and generating revenue for you…
  • Sell more—to more golfers.
  • Be a candidate for better-paying jobs in top locations.
  • Generate new ideas—and implement them so you increase revenue.
  • Get your board or owner motivated to make key changes and improvements that will help your bottom line.
  • THRIVE—even in a recession.
  • Improve time management so you have more time with friends and family—AND GOLF!



My Knowledge Will Help Your Career—and Your Life…

My time is extremely valuable and the demands on my time are intense—especially because I make time for golf and I make time for friends and family. I’m going to let you into a secret—my hourly rate is $600 if you have worked with me before. So…if you wanted to spend three hours getting career advice, it would cost $2250 that is my regular rate for a new student and the time would be worth it.

And it would be worth every penny. I wish I had access to this information when I was starting—I would have avoided some big mistakes.

You can save hundreds when you invest in The 18 Keys to Success and Profit for the Teaching and Club Professional because it’s 
just like being with me for a full week.

I’m making this manual available for a low introductory price...


As part of the introduction of The 18 Keys to Success and Profit for the Teaching and Club Professional, I’m digging into my ‘vault’ and providing a superb collection of instructional materials that will help you become an even better teacher and club pro.

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  • Online Access to my “Building Block” video series. $79 value..
  • Golf Digest Drill System: $40 value.
  • The Original X-Factor Video: $27 value.
  • The X Factor 2 video: $27 value

The manual and all the goodies are provided as downloads--so you can get everything in three minutes.

My Personal Rock-Solid Guarantee Means You Take No Risk


Enjoy The 18 Keys to Success and Profit for the Teaching and Club Professional risk-free for the first 30 days after placing your order. If you’re not happy for any reason, cancel the order and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund.

AND you can keep the $177 worth of bonus items!

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